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Bert Hamilton


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Dr. Drowsy's Sleep Prescription


Dr. Drowsy is your private consultant.  .He offers a light-hearted practical analysis of common sleep disorders  - stress, fatigue and dietary indiscretions -- and common sleep disorders. 

 The Good Doctor then describes simple, ye effective solutions to each of these problems. 

 It's sound advice from a recognized authority. 

his is a delightful introduction to sleep and its disorders.  It should be of interest to the general public and to patients afflicted with these conditions.  While reading this humorous and informative book the reader may conclude that the author Dr. Albert Wauquier, was slandered when nicknamed “Dr. Drowsy”.  If this therapies work, the sender should be alert and relaxed, rather than sleepy and dysphoric.”

J. Christian Gillin, M.D.

Professor of Psychiatry

University of California, San Diego, CA


Dr. Albert Wauquier, an internationally recognized sleep expert, shares with the reader his views on common sleep disorders.  His sometimes whimsical guide is chock full of informative tidbits.

Harvey L. Edmonds, Jr. Ph.D.

Professor of Anesthesia Research

University of Louisville, Louisville, KY


Presented in a highly user-friendly format, the takes-aways for the sleep deprived are both practical an effective.

Jim Loehr

Performance Psychologist

CEO LGE Performance Systems, Inc.

Publication and distribution note:
Dr.Drowsy's Sleep Prescription has been published by Somnus Press, Dallas in 2003 and was originally distributed by a phony company Deliver Your Books, Sanford Florida.  Later, I made it available on where a few more books are still on sale.