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Bert Hamilton


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Besides the novels The Spirit of Care, Beatrice's Secret and 34 Ypres Street which are published in 2017, there are other fiction novels in progress.  Whether they will become a published novel is a matter of conjecture, inspiration and lots of work under the moto that writing is re-writing.

The man without a future (working title)

Techo / Medical thriller, manuscript in preparation 2016.

Chaos creates order (working title).

a thriller happening during the cold war period

The Relic. (working title)

A thriller in the art business


“Life is one Big Story”

I wrote a autobiographic 450 page story, but one that is unsatisfactory to me...and it is an incomplete story,  for life goes on and I still have so many projects that I would like to attack, one day, when  I have time and energy left over .