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Bert Hamilton


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Costa Press is an affiliation of authors supporting each other

through writing and meeting with the Writers Group in Southern Spain.  Hereafter some of the books published  by Costa Press.

This is the first book in the Sgt Major Crane series  by Wendy Cartmell. Since June 2012 she published 12 books, mostly thrillers situated in a military environment.  She specialized in writing  series.

'40 Steps to Heaven' Major Crane, a Special Investigations Branch Investigator, in the Armed Forces, is a proud, dedicated and experienced soldier, constrained by the Army structure, but adept at manipulating the system.  He and his young team of Staff Sergeant Billy Williams and Sergeant Kim Weston, based at Aldershot Garrison, have to investigate one of the most horrific cases they have ever taken on.  A soldier who has deliberately murdered his wife and 6 year old son and then committed suicide. by We  Crane wants to know what is behind this horrific act, but has to battle against cynical opposition from his Officer Commanding, Captain James Edwards who makes him investigate a different crime.  Paralleling these investigations, Crane's wife Tina wants a decision on whether they should start a family.  A decision Crane is unable to make, haunted as he is by the deaths of young boys.  Solomon had religious pamphlets in his house, making Crane ask himself what the he wanted to be saved from?  Does the church offer salvation, or slaughter?


 This is the first novel by Maggie Silwood.

Scotland the mid-nineteenth century. A young woman sees a sinister shape out at sea. Soon after a series of tragedies occur. Melbourne, Australia, present day. A diary is discovered, detailing both an epic journey and the horrors which occured more than 150 years before. Could the two be linked in some way to a rocking horse, left to decay in a weed-filled garden?

Maggie also published a collection of short stories 'All the world's a stage.'

Her next novel 'The Deck' is in preparation for publication in  2016.



This is the  first novel of Rosie Dean.  As of September 2016 she published three novels.

Does your life lack fun and love? Does work consume your time? Does your mother try to fix you up with her priest's middle-aged nephew?

Millies's Game Plan:
Millie's does – so she takes a grip on her own future and draws up a plan to find Mr Right.
When the first guy who floats her boat, Josh Warwick, doesn't meet the criteria on her wish-list she moves on to wine merchant, Lex Marshall, who ticks all the boxes. Sexy, rich and unable to keep his hands off her, he seems like the man of her dreams. But when Millie faces danger and betrayal, she wonders if her dream man might not be Mr Right after all.
So, who will be...?

This is the firstx publication of short stories y Michael Snell.

1947 was a time of great upheaval. Since the end of World War Two India had been in a turmoil of unrest.  'Quit India' and 'Independence' had been the words on most 'Indians lips.  For the people of the sub-continent, the says of the British Raj were over.

This book is a word of fiction, inspired by a boy's memories of India before independence.  The stories are of adventure, animals and the Anglo-Indian way of life.

His second Short Story collection is Strange Encounters.