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Bert Hamilton


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I am an author and my inspiration comes from what I experienced in my life, from my past and present relationships and  memories including those I sometimes prefer to suppress.  Next to my grandson, I ponder what the Mediterranean sea will bring me to shore.  Shelves and stones for sure and for me, maybe an idea of a new story.

During my early twenties I was much involved in the literary circles in the city of Brugge in Belgium, wrote and published a few stories in a literary magazine 'Procesverbaal'.  But, my professional life took over and my writings switched to sciences.  Now as a retired person, I went back to writing fiction.  Together with a local Writers Group, all which are  British , in the region of Malaga, Spain.   I became passionately involved and writing went far beyond being a hobby.  It gives me an opportunity to also show the person I became and the many interests I have.

I feel happy when former colleagues congratulate me on my move from scientific writing to fiction writing.  It makes me feel wonderful when I read "I very much appreciate your sharing your new book (Beatrice's Secret) with me.  I particularly liked the attractive mix of suspense, history, religion, politics, geography and philosophy.  There was literally something for almost all readers. Great job!" (Harvey L. Edmonds).

But above all,  I appreciate life and what it brings me together with my attempts to be a humanist, in the real sense of the word.  I hope to continue living well, loving deeply all with whom I share my life with.

Finally, I like a quote from Albert Einstein,
"I have reached an age when, if someone tells me to wear socks, I don't have to."